I Joined Melaleuca For Only $1 Because It’s All Natural Products Are THE BEST!

Going Green with Melaleuca. Here are some reasons to join with me.   This company has been around since 1985 so it's not going ANYWHERE!    I don't have to sell anything, because it sells itself!   I only offer the opportunity to convert others homes to using less toxic chemicals.   It's easy to … Continue reading I Joined Melaleuca For Only $1 Because It’s All Natural Products Are THE BEST!

Foods To Balance Your Dosha

Balancing your particular Dosha is important for optimal health and feeling your best. If you have been reading my last few posts I gave you some questionnaires that you could answer to help determine your physical and mental constitution or "dosha". Balancing your own particular dosha is pretty easy and works best if you stay away … Continue reading Foods To Balance Your Dosha

Determining Your (Mental) Constitution – Part 2

Your mental constitution is a little bit different than your physical constitution. It is easier to shift between the different mental constitutions because the mind easily shifts day in and day out. The body takes longer to let go of and hold diseases and disorders from living day to day and not eating the right … Continue reading Determining Your (Mental) Constitution – Part 2

Determining Your Dosha/Constitution Type Part 1

A Dosha or Constitution is something we must first learn about ourselves before we can begin trying to heal or improve our physical (and mental) health Our physical health directly affects our mental health and our stomachs are even considered our "second brains".When you learn about YOUR own Dosha/Constitution you can better determine which foods … Continue reading Determining Your Dosha/Constitution Type Part 1

The Energy of Foods and More – Coming Soon

  All foods have energy and not just in a sense of calories. I am going to be posting about individual foods more often and the ways they nurture your body. In holistic health and natural medicine, there are what you would call hot and cold foods. They can either heal you, make you stronger, … Continue reading The Energy of Foods and More – Coming Soon

Fibromyalgia Pain and Helpful Herbs

Fibro, Fibromyalgia. Whatever you call it its the same thing to anyone who may be suffering with it. Some of the symptoms of Fibromyalgia are obvious, whereas others aren't especially to a person not suffering from it themselves. It typically affects more women than men. Some of these symptoms include: Tender points throughout the body … Continue reading Fibromyalgia Pain and Helpful Herbs

3 Exercises to Fight Back Against Fibromyalgia

Really great article on Fibromyalgia Pain and Tips!

This Bipolar Brat

I apologize for it being over a week since my last post. I’ve been hurting. On the bright side, I am now a regular contributor at SABTrends. It’s not paid but it’s publication besides my blog which will help with future freelance jobs. I have permission to share on my blog as well which also means I can spend more time with more personal blog posts. So here’s my first article on SABTrends! Thank you all for your awesome support!

There’s nothing compared to the widespread pain of fibromyalgia. For me, it’s the burning sensation along my spine, the feeling of stabbing needles in my feet, and the constant aching of my shoulder muscles. That’s just the fibro pain, that’s not including the arthritis and a lower back problem.

Chronic pain, especially fibromyalgia, is a commonly misunderstood diagnosis. Doctors are quick to throw prescriptions at you but the best…

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