Imbalanced Qi. Do you have it?

Im sure most have heard the term “Qi”(pronounced “chee”) before at some point in their lives but do you know that there are different forms of Qi?

Qi is the energy of life in all its forms.

It can be balanced (healthy) or it can be imbalanced (unhealthy), which can harm your health either minimally or drastically depending on how out of balance it is in your own body.

Their are two types of unbalanced Qi and they are :

Deficient Qi- (weak)

This type of Qi happens when the body does not have enough energy to perform its normal everyday functions or the functions are very limited. Symptoms associated with this type of Qi are lethargy, shortness of breath, slow metabolism, frequent colds and flu with slower recovery than normal, low and soft voice, spontaneous sweating, frequent urination, prolapsed organs, hemorrhoids, and Ā palpitations.

Helpful herbs for deficient Qi :

Ginseng, codonopsis, astragulus, jujube dates, dioscorea.


Rebellious Qi- (congested)

This type of Qi flows improperly or moves in the wrong direction in your body. Symptoms include: pains that come and go and change location and severity, distension in the ribs and abdomen, depression, moodiness, soft palpable lumps, frequent sighing, irregular menses, burping, nausea, vomiting and shallow cough.

Helpful herbs for rebellious Qi :

cumin, cyperus, bupleurum , and orange peel.

**As with all medicinal / herbal remedies , you should always consult your doctor before using.





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