Determining Your (Mental) Constitution – Part 2

Your mental constitution is a little bit different than your physical constitution.

It is easier to shift between the different mental constitutions because the mind easily shifts day in and day out. The body takes longer to let go of and hold diseases and disorders from living day to day and not eating the right foods, sleeping right, exercising too much or too little, etc and every other aspect that affects health.

Your mental constitution or (Manas Prakruti) can be described as :

  • Sattiva – pure, true and balanced
  • Rajas – active
  • Tamas – inertia, implying, spoiled

There are many different characteristics to determine when assessing your constitution for each type.

Here are two quizzes you can take to determine your mental constitution:


The second quiz gives you your own lifestyle tips at the end (after you check your emailed results) to live a healthier lifestyle depending on what you got.

That’s it for tonight. I will be posting more after the holidays.

My next post will go into depth about how your physical and mental constitutions work together and how to use what you have learned to change any existing bad habits into better ones and working on changing your health.




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