Foods To Balance Your Dosha

Balancing your particular Dosha is important for optimal health and feeling your best.

If you have been reading my last few posts I gave you some questionnaires that you could answer to help determine your physical and mental constitution or “dosha”.

Balancing your own particular dosha is pretty easy and works best if you stay away or at least lessen the wrong foods for your body type.

The different doshas have different qualities.

(these are all typical) (sometimes you will fit into two or more categories)

Assess yourself the best you can or retake the test and ask another person to give you an outside perspective to choose the best answers to the questionnaire.

For a Vata person – you are considered cold, dry, and light

Diet should be Warm, Moist, and Heavy


Cooked Grains, nuts, mild spices, milk products in small amounts, cooked veggies, and sweet fruits, and natural sweeteners.

and avoid:

Dry grains and fruit, raw veggies, beans and any food that causes gas.



For a Pitta person – you are considered to be hot, wet and light

Diet should be Cool, Dry, and Heavy


Sweet fruit, sweet and bitter veggies (greens), beans, natural sweeteners, mild cheeses, sweet and cooling drinks.

and avoid:

sour fruits, pungent veggies (onions), nuts, hot spices, fermented milk products (yogurt), and oils.

For a Kapha person – you are considered cold, wet and heavy

Diet should be Warm, Dry, and Light


dry and astringent fruit (apples and raisin), veggies (raw), dry grains (like rice cakes), hot spices, cooked beans with warming spices, and spicy herbal teas (ginger).

and avoid:

Sweet fruits, nuts, milk products, and oils.




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