Natural Health 360 is a blog committed to teaching others how to live a healthier lifestyle through nutrition and everyday lifestyle habits. I want to share my knowledge that I have learned for the past five years of studying on my own and also 1 year at the East West School of Herbology.  ( I highly recommend signing up with them if you want a career in Alternative Medicine or want to become an herbalist)It’s a self – paced course.

I am also currently an undergraduate at Ashford University to get my Bachelors in Complementary and Alternative Health. I have learned about herbs, treatments using herbs, nutrition, how to eat according to ones own body type, ways to use and mix herbs to make beauty and skincare products, Chinese medicine and herbs, and also Ayurvedic lifestyle, herbs and mental well-being practices. Natural Health 360 is really an all around health blog that will help you to incorporate better health and living into your existing lifestyle. I hope to sell my own herbal skincare in the next year or two as well. Thank you for visiting and reading.

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