Foods To Balance Your Dosha

Balancing your particular Dosha is important for optimal health and feeling your best. If you have been reading my last few posts I gave you some questionnaires that you could answer to help determine your physical and mental constitution or "dosha". Balancing your own particular dosha is pretty easy and works best if you stay away … Continue reading Foods To Balance Your Dosha


The Energy of Foods and More – Coming Soon

  All foods have energy and not just in a sense of calories. I am going to be posting about individual foods more often and the ways they nurture your body. In holistic health and natural medicine, there are what you would call hot and cold foods. They can either heal you, make you stronger, … Continue reading The Energy of Foods and More – Coming Soon

Late Summer Eating : Food Choices & Herbs

Late summer is the time of year where the sweltering heat of full summer is coming to an end and is what most like to call an Indian summer, the time of unseasonably dry and humid weather. The food choices we make now will decide how healthy our bodies feel and perform into fall and even winter. That … Continue reading Late Summer Eating : Food Choices & Herbs