Late Summer Eating : Food Choices & Herbs

Late summer is the time of year where the sweltering heat of full summer is coming to an end and is what most like to call an Indian summer, the time of unseasonably dry and humid weather. The food choices we make now will decide how healthy our bodies feel and perform into fall and even winter. That … Continue reading Late Summer Eating : Food Choices & Herbs


Is it time for some Dinacharya?

In Ayurveda, there is a way to go through your day to keep your mind and body performing at its best. It's called Dinacharya. It has many benefits. Setting your day up in a routine will give you the ultimate feeling of centeredness. Small changes in your daily routine can help you feel your best … Continue reading Is it time for some Dinacharya?

Imbalanced Qi. Do you have it?

Im sure most have heard the term "Qi"(pronounced "chee") before at some point in their lives but do you know that there are different forms of Qi? Qi is the energy of life in all its forms. It can be balanced (healthy) or it can be imbalanced (unhealthy), which can harm your health either minimally … Continue reading Imbalanced Qi. Do you have it?

ADHD and the real culprits behind it

In western medicine and culture, the diagnosis of ADHD has grown quite a bit. But are we any closer to treating it? While it's usually something that affects younger children, it can and does also affect adults as well and can be present in both women and men. More information can be found here. The … Continue reading ADHD and the real culprits behind it

Mental Health and Dreams

Dreaming is something everyone does but have you ever thought about how it affects your mental health even on a subconscious level? I think about this a lot after I have a very vivid dream and sometimes more when it shakes my whole core. Lately , I have been having a dream about driving a … Continue reading Mental Health and Dreams

What is Heart Qi and Blood?

Relating to my last post I would like to go more into what exactly is Heart Qi. "Heart Qi" - comes from Chinese medicine , where the organs are thought of more in an "energy" form rather than a physical form. Qi is the energy or vital life force of something, here referring to the … Continue reading What is Heart Qi and Blood?

Your true health is in your “Shen”

Shen is your "entire" health. This includes your physical body health, your emotional health, your mental and also your spiritual health as well. So the more balanced all those parts of your health are the more balanced your Shen is. I have passed over this many times over the years in my reading I have … Continue reading Your true health is in your “Shen”