Determining Your (Mental) Constitution – Part 2

Your mental constitution is a little bit different than your physical constitution. It is easier to shift between the different mental constitutions because the mind easily shifts day in and day out. The body takes longer to let go of and hold diseases and disorders from living day to day and not eating the right … Continue reading Determining Your (Mental) Constitution – Part 2


Determining Your Dosha/Constitution Type Part 1

A Dosha or Constitution is something we must first learn about ourselves before we can begin trying to heal or improve our physical (and mental) health Our physical health directly affects our mental health and our stomachs are even considered our "second brains".When you learn about YOUR own Dosha/Constitution you can better determine which foods … Continue reading Determining Your Dosha/Constitution Type Part 1

Is it time for some Dinacharya?

In Ayurveda, there is a way to go through your day to keep your mind and body performing at its best. It's called Dinacharya. It has many benefits. Setting your day up in a routine will give you the ultimate feeling of centeredness. Small changes in your daily routine can help you feel your best … Continue reading Is it time for some Dinacharya?